John Roome aka Witchman has released 2 critically acclaimed albums “Explorimenting Beats” and “Heavy Traffic” (Deviant Records) and produced the likes of Finitribe (Infectious Records). co-written a remix album with Jammin Unit (of Air Liquide), released on Blue Planet Records as well as beat-heavy side projects such as the Unknown Ghosts. Add to this his programming and production work on Ian Astbury’s (The Cult) solo album ‘Spirit, Light, Speed’, The Jungle Brothers and The Orb.John Roome, AKA Witchman

To widen the field further, Witchman also contributed beats to David Toop’s album ‘Spirit World’ (Virgin Records),produced and mixed tracks for John Shirley, the cult sci-fi and screenwriter of The Crow. On the remix front he has remixed tracks by Clawfinger, The Creatures, lan Astbury, Gary Numan, Curve, Cornershop, J-lo and Nikka Costa etc, with compilation inclusions running well into double figures. John is currently wrapping up a joint project of a more heavier variety with Afrika from the Jungle Brothers.

Having spent the last few years as part of electronic pioneers The Orb, Witchman has most recently completed his second “official” LP, ‘Innasylum’ and is predominantly working within the realms of film, tv and gaming of late.

Having completed the score on 5 movies; ‘Messengers’, ‘Dead End Road’, ‘Song of Songs’, ‘Want’ and ‘Final Curtain’, he has provided material for John Leguizamo’s ‘Undefeated’ and ‘Into the Sun’, as well as John Carpenter’s ‘Masters of Horror’.

Witchman has contributed music to various other projects including popular television shows like ‘Cold Case’, ‘CSI MIAMI’, ‘CSI NY’, ‘Nip Tuck’ and ‘Las Vegas’. He scored Sega’s “Full Auto” video game for the XBOX 360 (PS3 to follow) music for the ‘Miami Vice trailer’ and most recently the 28 Weeks Later trailer.

It has been confirmed that John will be the composer for two up and coming feature films, ‘Death Walks the Streets’ and ‘Lost Not Found’.

Bring tha Noise!!!!!!!!!!